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Authors Equity’s First 100 Days

Madeline McIntosh introduces the concept behind Authors Equity at the 2024 Readmagine conference in Madrid. Image: Publishing Perspectives, Porter Anderson

Since Readmagine, Authors Equity has issued a list of the first 10 authors and books it has named for publication—a list released on the new company’s 100th day in business, which may be a record for a new publishing house.

You can read the list and some of the rationale around each selection here at Authors Equity’s Substack. We’ll run through the simplest listing of books, authors, and projected publication dates here:

  • This is Strategy by Seth Godin (October 22)
  • Don’t Believe Everything You Think: The Expanded Edition by Joseph Nguyen (October 29)
  • New book by Rachel Hollis (December)
  • Superagency: Empowering Humanity in the Age of AI by Reid Hoffman and Greg Beato (January 28)
  • We Hold These “Truths” by congressional staffer turned George Washington University legislative affairs professor Casey Burgat (February 4)
  • Kweli Journal’s 15th Anniversary Short Story Collection (spring 2025)
  • Next to Heaven by James Frey (summer 2025)
  • New series from Kyle Mills (summer 2025).
  • Pregnancy Personalized by Rachel Swanson (fall 2025)

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