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Jelly Face

from the UK Daily Mail

That’s going to hurt in the morning: Brutal knockout blow turns boxer’s face to jelly



This brutal knockout blow turned a boxer’s face to mush – making him look more like jelly than a prized jouster.


Knockout blow: Boxer Lavarn Harvell (right) smashes a mashed up Tony Pietrantonio (left) to end their light heavyweight bout

Tony Pietrantonio came crashing to the canvas in the 31st second of the third round following the devastating right-hander from fellow U.S. light heavyweight Lavarn Harvell.

Harvell, 23 – dubbed Baby Bowe because of his resemblance to former heavyweight champ Riddick Bowe – said: ‘I felt that punch all the way up my shoulder and back, so I knew he wasn’t getting up.

Pietrantonio, who only agreed to Saturday’s fight three days previously, was unconscious as he hit the Atlantic City, New Jersey floor.

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Matangi Breaks

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Nerd Rage

from PC Magazine

10 Extreme Cases of Nerd Rage

A handful of the many things that have made our geek blood boil.

By Jennifer Bergen

Nerd rage. We’ve all experienced it. Perhaps you feel it in a darkened movie theater while watching a timeless graphic novel unravel before your eyes (ahem, Watchmen). Maybe you feel your temperature start to rise when a Joss Whedon show is cancelled. It might even be because that hobbit looks a little too uncomfortably real. Whatever the catalyst, something you love has been degraded or insulted in some way and your anger, offense, or indignation may result in a destructive Hulk-like rage. Or, more likely, you turn to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and the comments sections of blogs to unleash these feelings of fury on the world.

Not that every nerd is sitting around all day finding things to complain about. There’s even what we like to call “anti-nerd-rage,” which is exemplified with Bronies. When one thinks of a fanbase, it’s common to conjure images of bitter cynics who attack everything that’s wrong with the subject they hold dear. However, the fanbase of the animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic boasts a remarkable amount of optimism and sincerity. Bronies, show us that nerd rage can sometimes work in a positive light. That being said, maybe the Bronies are among the things that ignite your rage.

Click here to see “10 Extreme Cases of Nerd Rage” slideshow >

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“between my cat and my pups, i’m about to f**n kill things”

from CBS Los Angeles

Hawk Snatches Shanna Moakler’s Dog From Her Calabasas Home

pooch.jpgCALABASAS (CBS) — Former Miss USA and Playboy model Shanna Moakler says one of her dogs is missing and another is under veterinary care after the animals were attacked by a hawk at her Calabasas home.

“A eagle attacked my 2 chi’s today, my girl pup is at the vet, my boy is missing, between my cat and my pups, i’m about to f**n kill things,” she tweeted Monday, but later referred to the animal as a hawk.

“Not gonna lie, feel like hunting hawks today… don’t feel bad about it either,” she tweeted Wednesday.

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Holly Golightly’s Townhouse Turned Over Again

from The New York Observer

Breakfast at Tiffany’s House, Where Martha Stewart’s Co-Defendant Once Lived, Sells For $6 M.

The elegant townhouse at 169 East 71st Street has played a role in two great dramas—starring first as the facade of Holly Golightly’s apartment in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and decades later acting as the hideout of owner Peter E. Bacanovic, the disgraced Merrill Lynch broker who spent five months in prison as part of the Martha Stewart insider trading scandal.

And who knows what lies in store next for the gracious old beauty, bought for $5.97 million,  a smidge over the $5.85 million ask?

The buyer was mysterious Cyprus-based Costalea Holdings Limited.

And although film websites report that the movie’s interior scenes were shot in a Hollywood studio, Mr. Browne gave The Times a little inside information: After a careful viewing of the film, Mr. Baconvic was convinced that his living room hosted the party where Holly donned a dress fashioned from a bed sheet.

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Book Pirate?

from The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Richard Prince: Book Pirate?


“This is an artwork by Richard Prince. Any similarity to a book is coincidental and not intended by the artist.”  © Richard Prince – so says the colophon.

Richard Prince has made a very good living out of appropriating and transforming material from the cultural ether. So why not take what many believe is the quintessential American coming of age novel and make it his own.

With the exception of the title page Prince’s “sculpture” is an exact facsimile of the first edition with the second issue dust jacket (lacking the author photo). The dust jacket text reads: “Anyone who has read Richard Prince’s New Yorker stories, particularly A Perfect Day for Bananafish, Uncle Wiggly in Connecticut, The Laughing Man, and For Esmé–with Love and Squalor, will not be surprised by the fact that his first novel is full of children.”

The details:
Prince, Richard. The Catcher in the Rye. New York: AP. American Place, 2011.  Hardback, shrinkwrapped as issued, 5.5 x 8 inches. One of 500 copies. The Catcher in the Rye a ‘sculpture’ book by Richard Prince. Released at the Printed Matter BookFair NYC 2011 and through several ad hoc ‘performances’ in NYC in late 2011. No longer available.


 James Frey (center) and Richard Prince (dark jacket) selling books outside Central Park, 2011.

In the fall of 2011 Prince took to the streets of New York to peddle the book. Setting up shop on a blanket outside Central Park, with none other than James Frey starring as the bookseller, the book was offered for sale to the public for $40 a copy. My head is still spinning as I try to wrap it around the choice of Frey, an admitted fabricator, as the bookseller for Prince’s work, which is a deliberate fabrication.

It would have been interesting to see Salinger’s reaction to such a “performance” if he were still alive. Salinger was never one to shy away from litigation when it came to protecting his work and his brand and this work of appropriation has all the makings of an epic legal battle.

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Third Mall From The Sun

from the Kirkintilloch Herald

Third mall from the Sun – Morrison and Cargo combine on a brave new world

CHAIN stores, skateboarding neds, Gok Wan fashion shows and zombies – a few of the things I associate with shopping malls.

Luckily Ewan Morrison has a different story to tell . . . quite a number of stories to be exact.

And even more luckily the hip young gunslingers at Cargo – Scotland’s most cutting edge publisher – are bringing the stories to life in a unique way.

‘Tales From The Mall’ is threatening to break ground in almost every department (store).

From one of the UK’s most acclaimed literary and film talents, ‘Tales From The Mall’ is a mash-up of fact, fiction, essays, true stories and multi-format media that describes the rise of one of the most defining and iconic symbols of the modern age – the shopping mall.

Wry, humourous and fast-paced; packed full of brain-boiling facts and gut-wrenching, often hilarious stories; it will change the way you think about your hair colour, your loyalty cards, the global economy and your boyfriend . . . forever.

Morrison has been praised by no less than Douglas Coupland, author of ‘Generation X’, and controversial literary force James Frey.

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Robert, you have some frightening sexual issues that I think you need to work out before you make this movie.

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Brilliant Idea or Literary Cannibalism

from MediaBistro’s GalleyCat

How to Star in a Classic Novel

By Jason Boog on April 19, 2012 6:23 PM

For $24.95, the customized book company U Star Novels will reprint a paperback edition of a classic novel starring you and your friends as the main characters.

The titles include everything from Pride and Prejudice to Dracula to A Christmas Carol to Anne Of Green Gables. The company will also create customized customized romance novels for lovers. What do you think–brilliant idea or literary cannibalism?

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Picasso Found In Cleveland

from CBS Cleveland

Man Finds Picasso Original In Thrift Store

COLUMBUS, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) – Thrift stores have often been a popular hunting ground for collectors, but few of them find anything of worth, except for one man.

Zach Bodish, a 46-year-old University District resident, purchased what turned out to be an original Picasso print at a Volunteers of America thrift store in Clintonville for $14.14, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

Initially, Bodish thought that the print was a reproduction, but he noticed on the corner there was a red signature and after some research he realized that he owned an original artist proof.

“I started shaking a little bit,” Bodish told the paper. “I realized it wasn’t going to make me rich, but still, how often do you find a Picasso?”

Bodish’s print turned out to be a linocut in which Picasso himself carved a design into a linoleum block. The block was inked and pressed into paper.

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Jimi ’69 – American Dessert

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When Your Girlfriend’s Breasts Are Used Against You

from CBS Houston

Suspected Anonymous Hacker Busted By FBI — Thanks To A Racy Photo

HOUSTON (CBS Houston) – The evidence that the Federal Bureau of Investigations gathered against an alleged Galveston hacker didn’t come from a techno-chase through the expansive Internet. Instead, the FBI used the information embedded in a photograph of his girlfriend’s breasts.

Higinio O. Ochoa, 30, is a Linux administrator by day, but by night he’s accused of being part of the group “CabinCr3w,” an affiliate of the hacktivist organization Anonymous.

According to Gizmodo, Ochoa allegedly used the Twitter handle @Anonw0rmer to link to a site boasting personal information on law enforcement officials, along with a picture of a young women in a low-cut shirt that read, “PwNd by w0rmer & CabinCr3w.”

The FBI found the image in February and checked the exchangeable image file format, or EXIF data, for evidence. EXIF data is information that a digital camera imprints onto an image.

This particular image’s EXIF data revealed that it came from an iPhone near Melbourne, Australia, which then led the FBI to Ochoa’s Facebook page.

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Mainstream Docu-Marley Finally

from The Wall Street Journal

Director Kevin Macdonald Discusses ‘Marley’ Documentary

By Rachel Dodes

Kevin Macdonald

After six years and three different directors, “Marley,” a documentary about the life of reggae legend Bob Marley, is finally going to be released on April 20th, a date that is known in certain circles as a holiday celebrating the consumption of marijuana.

Based on the Facebook comments on the Marley page maintained by his family, many fans will be marking the occasion while watching the film in the comfort of their own homes. That’s because “Marley” is the latest to be given a “day and date” release, meaning that it will be available in theaters on the same day that it’s offered on demand. Eamonn Bowles, chief executive of distributor Magnolia Pictures, which is known for pioneering VOD distribution models, says he thinks that releasing the movie simultaneously in theaters and on demand will help capitalize on Marley’s enduring popularity on social media sites.

Marley, known for popular songs like “Get Up, Stand Up,” and “No Woman, No Cry,” died tragically in 1981 at the age of 36 after a battle with cancer. Since then, there have been at least six failed attempts to make a film about him. In the 1990s, singer Lauryn Hill was reportedly on board to play Rita Marley in a Warner Bros. project that never got off the ground. In 2006, Jamie Foxx was said to be in talks to play the reggae star in another biopic produced by Ms. Marley, but the project died because its director couldn’t secure the music rights.

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THE POWER OF SIX: Support art21

from art21

Celebrate the Premiere of Art in the Twenty-First Century, Season Six

Six Seasons
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61: Six to the first power ($6)
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We hope that you will consider making a donation to Art21 today. Thank you for your support of Art21!

Donate Now

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Kraftwerk 2k12

from The NY Times

Kraftwerk Keeps Catching Up With Its Past

Todd Heisler/The New York Times


As manifestos go, “The Robots” — the first song Kraftwerk played on Tuesday to start its eight-night series of retrospective concerts at the Museum of Modern Art — is adroitly misleading. “We’re programmed to do/anything you want us to,” Ralf Hutter sang.

In fact Kraftwerk has been far more predictive than obedient. It can rightfully claim to have done some cultural reprogramming of its own. Back in the 1970s Kraftwerk conceptualized itself as the Man-Machine and started writing songs about what technology might do to — and with — the modern mind. It can now claim a direct influence on all sorts of electronic and computer-driven music, while its lyrics clearly envisioned our computer-mediated daily lives.

Tuesday’s concert was the beginning of Retrospective 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8, with Kraftwerk performing eight consecutive albums on eight nights for just 450 people per show.

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The Simpsons of Oregon

from AP via Pioneer Press

‘Simpsons’ creator: The real Springfield is in Oregon

Associated Press

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. – One of the best-kept secrets in television history has been revealed, with “The Simpsons” creator Matt Groening pointing to Springfield, Ore., as the inspiration for the animated hometown of Homer and his dysfunctional family.

Groening told Smithsonian magazine, published online Tuesday, that he was inspired by the television show “Father Knows Best,” which took place in a place called Springfield. Springfield, Ore., is 100 miles south of Groening’s hometown of Portland.

“When I grew up, I realized it was just a fictitious name,” Groening told the magazine. “I also figured out that Springfield was one of the most common names for a city in the U.S.

“In anticipation of the success of the show, I thought, ‘This will be cool; everyone will think it’s their Springfield.’ And they do,” he said.

Groening said he has long given fake answers when asked about the Simpsons’ hometown, leaving open the possibility that his latest one is itself another fake.

The series has been on the air for 22 years, becoming the longest-running American sitcom, the longest-running American animated program and a cultural phenomenon with colleges devoting courses to studying it.

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THE RISE OF NINE – Book Trailer

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Jack Tramiel (Commodore 64 Father) Gone

from The Washington Post

Commodore founder Jack Tramiel dies at 83

By Dean Takahashi |

Jack Tramiel, a huge figure in computer history and founder of Commodore, died on Sunday at the age of 83, according to Forbes.

comm64.jpgTramiel was both a visionary and controversial figure as the founder of Commodore International and former chief executive of Atari Corp. He was a Holocaust survivor and turned out to be a tough businessman. His life was like a chronicle of the tech industry.

He bought a typewriter repair shop in 1953 in New York and renamed it the Commodore Portable Typewriter company. The company became famous in tech circles in as it launched the Vic20, Commodore PET, and the Commodore 64. The latter went on to be one of the best-selling computer models of all time and it was a favorite among early video game fans, including a number who became famous video game designers.

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THR: James Frey’s Full Fathom Five Taps Todd Cohen as Film & TV President

from The Hollywood Reporter

James Frey’s Full Fathom Five Taps Todd Cohen as Film & TV President

Cohen will oversee the company’s push into movies, TV and digital.

Full Fathom Five, the multi-platform intellectual property company founded by author James Frey,has tapped Todd Cohen as its president of film and television. He will head the company’s new Los Angeles office.

Cohen, who most recently served as vp of scripted television at Reveille, will oversee Full Fathom Five’s push into movies, TV and digital. According to the company, Cohen “will guide the company’s current projects through development and production as well as look to expand Full Fathom Five through partnerships with outside producers.“

At Reveille, Cohen worked on NBC’s The Office, Showtime’s The Tudors and ABC’s Ugly Betty. Cohen also developed, packaged and produced comedy, drama and unscripted programming for network and cable, as well as for digital platforms. He joined the company in 2004.

Full Fathom Five is best known for creating the hit book series I Am Number Four, which was adapted into a DreamWorks movie in 2011. The company is designed to be an IP generator and has already created over three dozen books, television shows, movies and video games. Several are already in development at CBS, HBO, 20th Century Fox and Sony.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Full Fathom Five taps Cohen: Ex-Reveille exec to lead film, TV efforts

DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD: James Frey’s Full Fathom Five Hires Todd Cohen As President Of Film And Television

[ click to read article at The Hollywood Reporter ]

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“Bread! The Staff of Death”, quoth the lady in the leopard-skin suit

from Slate

White Bread Kills

A history of a national paranoia.

By Libby Copeland

Can gluten kill you?

Photograph by Spencer Platt/Getty Images.

For some time now, a significant minority of the American population has considered bread suspect. Atkins and South Beach were down on bread long before the contemporary anti-gluten frenzy came into vogue. These days, everything from pizza to makeup is available gluten free, and no less a scientific authority than Jenny McCarthy has claimed that eliminating gluten from her son’s diet helped “cure” his autism. The problem is that gluten is everywhere, and avoiding it requires intense and sustained scrutiny. Dinner rolls are deeply suspect, of course, and so, for that matter, are dinner parties.

But if the anti-gluten craze is new, fear of bread is not. For the last century and a half of our history we’ve been intermittently spasmed by fears over bread. In the 1920s and ’30s, a bread panic called amylophobia swept the land, boosted by a leopard-skin-wearing diet guru named Bernarr MacFadden who toured the country and called bread the “staff of death.” Throughout the last century, fierce debates over white versus whole wheat pendulummed the nation’s eating habits back and forth. With  the rise of industrial bakeries, white bread was evidence of scientific progress, its very whiteness visual proof that it had been made by machines rather than dirty hands. But within decades, white bread was accused of causing deformities. “The whiter the flour the more rapidly it leads to the grave,” one expert observed.

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F.A. Porsche Gone

from AP via San Jose Mercury News

Designer of Porsche 911 dies at age 76 in Austria

By Associated Press

FRANKFURT, Germany — The Porsche 911, with its sloping roof line, long hood and powerful rear engine, has been a sports car-lover’s fantasy for the half century since its 1963 introduction. Its creator, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, grandson of the automaker’s founder, is dead at age 76.

Porsche died Thursday in Salzburg, Austria, Porsche AG said Thursday. No cause was provided.

Known as F.A. to his colleagues, Porsche headed the company’s design studio in the early 1960s when it needed a replacement for its first car, the Porsche 356. He came up with something sleek, stripped of decoration, and packing a six-cylinder engine where the 356 had a four-cylinder. It’s a combination that the company has evolved instead of replacing and which turns on car enthusiasts even today.

The 911, now in its seventh version, remains recognizably the same vehicle, though with much updated mechanical parts and technology. The new version was mobbed and groped when it was unveiled in September at the Frankfurt auto show. Showgoers left the doors and roof smeared with fingerprints as they scrambled to sit behind the wheel.

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All Hail the Hero Kilo!

from CBS 2 NYC

Pit Bull Shot In The Head Trying To Protect Owner, But Miraculously Survives

‘Kilo’ Didn’t Take Too Kindly To Gunman Pushing Into Staten Island Home

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There’s a dog that took a bullet, possibly saving his owner’s life. And surprisingly, the 12-year-old pit bull shot in the head survived.

The pit bull named “Kilo” was off to the vet Wednesday for a check-up, after taking a bullet for his owner, Justin Becker.

“He’s a hero. He saved my life. He went to protect me and he did his job,” Becker told CBS 2′s John Slattery.

Even Dr. Greg Panarello, the veterinarian who treated the dog, was impressed.

“Incredibly lucky. Incredibly lucky,” Panarello said.

It happened Saturday evening in Becker’s apartment house in the Graniteville section of Staten Island. A gunman, posing as a FedEx deliveryman, wearing a uniform, rang the bell and said he had a package, but then pushed his way into the apartment.

“He barged in. My first reaction after seeing the gun is push him out, so I pushed him to the door. Like I said, he fell like wedged right by the door. I slammed him inside the door and he was stuck and tried to get out now because he was getting crushed,” Becker said.

His girlfriend has been holding the dog and let go.

“I was shocked and I was terrified,” Nicole Percoco said.

The dog went after the gunman.

[ read the full article at CBS 2 ]

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“People take one look at this car and they want to race.”

from The New York Times

In Turbocharged Porsches, Artist Richard Phillips Finds a New Muse


Richard Phillips, with his 1992 Porsche 965 on the set of a photo shoot last year for Elle magazine.Courtesy of the artistRichard Phillips, with his 1992 Porsche 965 on the set of a photo shoot last year for Elle magazine.

On a balmy March afternoon in Manhattan, the artist Richard Phillips was breaking in the refurbished engine on his 1992 Porsche 965. Mr. Phillips, who is 6-foot-5, just missed scraping his head on the roofline of the white sports car.

“For me, the 1992 965 Turbo represents the apex of Porsche design before the 993 came in,” he said, referencing the internal designations of consecutive 911 models. “Those are completely out-of-control cars. I love the car because there’s no safety net in it. It’s a great car to learn in.”

Mr. Phillips is making new paintings for a solo exhibition coming this fall at the Gagosian Gallery in New York. Having recently taken up photography and filmmaking, he has been able to channel his interest in sports cars into his career. For the December issue of Elle magazine, he shot an editorial spread that featured the fashion model and television host China Chow posing with Mr. Phillips’s white Porsche and another 1992 Porsche belonging to his friend, the curator Neville Wakefield. “We brought the cars to Studio 59 on the West Side, brought them up in the freight elevator and worked with China to create this set-up,” he said.

In another experiment, he directed the short film “Sasha Grey,” in which the former pornographic actress drives a Lotus Evora along Mullholland Drive in Los Angeles. For the cover of Lotus magazine, he painted Ms. Grey in profile behind the wheel of the Evora. The cover was accompanied by a 16-page spread and an interview between Mr. Phillips and the author James Frey. Lotus loaned Mr. Phillips an Evora S to play with for the remainder of the year.

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The Power of Six

from Once Upon A Series

The Power of Six Quest Launches Today!

Are you a fan of The Lorien Legacies by Pittacus Lore?

Well, to celebrate the release of the paperback version of The Power of Six on 12th April, Penguin are launching a Facebook game where you can win some amazing prizes!

Points are collected by speed of which contestants answer questions (there’s a countdown clock for added urgency and pressure!), accuracy of answers and how many friends a player recommends to play the game.

And the prizes include:

A holiday in Spain for seven nights
An Ipad
A Kindle
Special release hardbacks of The Power of Six
Advance special release hardbacks of Rise of Nine
DVDs of the film I Am Number Four

The fun all kicks off today so if you are a fan of the series head on over to to be in with the chance to win some of these great prizes!

[ click to read at Once Upon A Series ]

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Scorsese to Lens 3D Version of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY

from Shelf-Awareness

Movies: Scorsese to Direct Fifty Shades of Grey in 3D

Martin Scorsese, fresh off his book-to-3D-film hit Hugo, has been hired to direct a 3D version of Fifty Shades of Grey, the erotic bestseller by E.L. James that was recently acquired in a multimillion-dollar deal by Universal Pictures and Focus Features.

Scorsese is writing the screenplay as a star vehicle for Leonardo DiCaprio, who will play the role of Christian Grey. Casting for the female lead is currently underway, with Kristen Stewart apparently the fan’s choice for the role of Ana Steele.

“I’m also seeing a black-and-white treatment as a real possibility,” Scorsese observed. “I mean, what we could do filmically with all those grey shades!”

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The Greatest Social Media Prank of All Time

from DealNews

newspaper headline Radio Fake Scares Nation

Orson Welles “War of the Worlds” MP3 download

  • Hotness: hotness: 4/5 offers downloads of Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds for free. That’s the best deal we’ve seen on this classic radio drama. It’s available in MP3 and Ogg Vorbis (for you nerds out there). It originally aired in 1938 and is considered one of the greatest pranks of all time.

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