from The New York Observer

Breakfast at Tiffany’s House, Where Martha Stewart’s Co-Defendant Once Lived, Sells For $6 M.

The elegant townhouse at 169 East 71st Street has played a role in two great dramas—starring first as the facade of Holly Golightly’s apartment in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and decades later acting as the hideout of owner Peter E. Bacanovic, the disgraced Merrill Lynch broker who spent five months in prison as part of the Martha Stewart insider trading scandal.

And who knows what lies in store next for the gracious old beauty, bought for $5.97 million,  a smidge over the $5.85 million ask?

The buyer was mysterious Cyprus-based Costalea Holdings Limited.

And although film websites report that the movie’s interior scenes were shot in a Hollywood studio, Mr. Browne gave The Times a little inside information: After a careful viewing of the film, Mr. Baconvic was convinced that his living room hosted the party where Holly donned a dress fashioned from a bed sheet.

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