Lost Films

from The Very Short List

LOST FILMS is a new internet portal aimed at collecting and documenting film titles, which are believed or have been declared “lost”. The ARCHIVE currently contains over 3500 entries, a number of which are extensively illustrated with surviving documents contributed by archives and individuals worldwide. 


The IDENTIFY section contains images and short video clips of around 50 unknown or unidentified films, which face the danger of also becoming lost if not identified by members. The aim of LOST FILMS is not to produce a definitive list of lost films but to provide a platform where members can frequently – and freely – exchange, add and update information.

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Zombie Love Teresa Palmer

from the LA Times’ HERO COMPLEX

Teresa Palmer on ‘I Am Number Four’ sequel and ‘Warm Bodies’ zombie love

Teresa Palmer in 'I Am Number Four'

Teresa Palmer is Number Six in “I Am Number Four” (John Bramley / DreamWorks)

Teresa Palmer may have gotten her face on the DVD box cover for “I Am Number Four,” but the Australian actress has surprisingly little screen time in this sci-fi release from February that hits home video Tuesday. She talked recently about writer James Frey, her lack of knowledge about Mogadorians and her hopes for a sequel. Apparently, her character – Number Six — will be around a whole lot more in the sequel, as you might have expected from the ending of the first film.

PKD: Does “I Am Number Four” have a fan base? Have you heard from them?

TP: Oh yeah! I mean the whole reason I started on Twitter [was that] I was meeting so many people who were fans of the movie and the books and they wanted to ask questions. Then someone suggested I get on Twitter. So what I’ve been doing is that every now and then I’ll do a Q&A on Twitter. But the majority of the questions are about the film and Number Six and the sequels. People have really embraced the movie, which is exciting.

PKD: There were a lot of bigwigs behind this movie: Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay, James Frey. Were they all hanging around during the making of the movie?

TP: I met Spielberg for the first time at the premiere. He was calling me Number Six. He was very sweet and very humble and down to earth. Unaffected by his great level of fame and success. Michael Bay I’ve known for a couple of years now. He was shooting his own movie while we were shooting “Number Four.” He was making the latest “Transformers,” so he wasn’t around. But James came to set. And he hung out and he pitched us the idea for the second book and definitely had a say in the film. He’s obviously seriously talented.

PKD: Did you talk to him about the “Million Little Pieces” controversy? Was he open about it?

TP: Yeah, he was open about it. He certainly didn’t try to brush it under the carpet. He’s a really good guy and did an amazing job on the film. It was a pleasure to work with him.

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From The Breakfast Club to I Am Number Four

from Movieline

From The Breakfast Club to I Am Number Four: 9 of the Sexiest High School Outcasts in Film

Leader image for From The Breakfast Club to I Am Number Four: 9 of the Sexiest High School Outcasts in Film

Hollywood has a habit of tapping unrealistically attractive actors to play onscreen outcasts, like in I Am Number Four (available on DVD and Blu-ray this week from DreamWorks), which boldly appointed bad boy Adonis Alex Pettyfer as its alien loner and blonde beauty Dianna Agron as his nerdy shutterbug crush. In honor of these ironic casting choices, Movieline has compiled nine other knockouts that played high school outsiders.

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Gil Scott-Heron Gone

from Detroit Free Press

Musician, poet Gil Scott-Heron dies

Poet and musician Gil Scott-Heron died Friday at age 62 in New York, NPR reported, citing his book publisher.

He is best known for his spoken-word piece “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,” but he also recorded the seminal “We Almost Lost Detroit.” He is considered a progenitor of hip-hop and inspired a generation of rappers with his no-nonsense street poetry. Rapper Kanye West has sampled Scott-Heron’s voice.A cause of death was not immediately reported.

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Richard Phillips Gets Biblical @ Paddle8

from NOWNESS.com


Richard Phillips for Paddle8

The Pop Artist Gets Biblical for a Groundbreaking Online Exhibition

Matchmaking art stars with collectors, new digital platform Paddle8 teams up with high-profile galleries to mount online exhibitions devoid of geographical constraints. The site’s inaugural group show, Saturation, presents work by such heavy-hitters as Cerith Wyn Evans, Roe Ethridge and pop maestro Richard Phillips, who opened his studio for the images above. Phillips, who is represented by the Gagosian and White Cube, will show his pastel and gouache drawing “II Esther,” which sees model Gemma Ward stand in for the Old Testament queen. “The idea came from James Frey asking me to create an illuminated manuscript for his new book, The Final Testament of the Holy Bible,” he says.

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Malerie Marder: LABOR OF LOVE

from artnet

Malerie Marder


by Charlie Finch

Malerie Marder, My Mother and My Boyfriend, 2000

Celebrated actor spouses Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard hosted a party last week at their Park Slope home for photographer Malerie Marder‘s comprehensive new volume of her entire oeuvre to date, Carnal Knowledge, just out from Violette Editions. Malerie, a friend of Peter Sarsgaard since their student days at Bard College, is one of the most gracious artists around, blushing at compliments from Philip-Lorca diCorcia her dealer Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn, who told me she is only doing guest appearances on Work of Art this season, and Artforum publisher Knight Landesman, once again wearing road-reflector orange. When asked why, Knight responded, “These days, I am addicted to orange, Charlie, I cannot wear any other color.”

I am addicted to Malerie Marder’s work, proud to have a piece purchased eight years ago, Emma, included in the book, and I would also be blushing at all the frontal nudity therein, if it were not for the democratic nature of Marder’s vision. Peter Sarsgaard modeled for Malerie at the start of her career and, since then, she has gently stripped and visually caressed all kinds of people, making them all as sweetly naive as fauns and as sexy as movie stars in the process.

A luxurious volume, which includes essays by writers such as A.M. Homes and James Frey responding to individual snaps, Carnal Knowledgesapped Malerie’s strength for four years, as she struggled to get the images right and secure the finances to publish.

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Art Healing Ministry

from The New York Times

Can a Picasso Cure You?

Sara Krulwich/The New York Times

The conceptual artist Alexander Melamid has created a storefront clinic in SoHo where visitors will be “treated” through exposure to fine art.


The Russian-born artist Alexander Melamid is by nature an ironist, so adept at serving as his own straight man that it’s hard to tell how seriously he means to be taken. He may not know himself.

Mr. Melamid and Vitaly Komar, a fellow Russian émigré, were for years a highly visible Conceptual art duo in New York. They were known for monumental paintings, including one of Stalin killing himself in a New Jersey motel, in the style of Socialist Realism, and for teaching elephants in Thailand how to paint like Abstract Expressionists.

Their most famous project was probably “The People’s Choice,” in which they polled people about their preferences in art and determined that what everyone really wanted to look at was a landscape with lots of blue, some animals and a historical figure or two. A painting they did according to this recipe — the ideal painting for Americans, they maintained — featured George Washington and some present-day picnickers by a bucolic lake with a hippo in the background.

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Digital Killed The Physical Book

from The American Magazine

The End of the Book?

By John Steele Gordon
Saturday, May 21, 2011

The book business will go through a transformation in the next decade or so more profound than any it has seen since Johannes Gutenberg introduced printing from moveable type in the 1450s.

Amazon, by far the largest bookseller in the country, reported on May 19 that it is now selling more books in its electronic Kindle format than in the old paper-and-ink format. That is remarkable, considering that the Kindle has only been around for four years. E-books now account for 14 percent of all book sales in this country and are increasing far faster than overall book sales. E-book sales are up 146 percent over last year, while hardback sales increased 6 percent and paperbacks decreased 8 percent.

Does this spell the doom of the physical book? Certainly not immediately, and perhaps not at all. What it does mean is that the book business will go through a transformation in the next decade or so more profound than any it has seen since Gutenberg introduced printing from moveable type in the 1450s.

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Yahoo! Spike

from The Daily Buzz

What’s Spiking on Yahoo! 5/24

by BRAD MILLER on MAY 24, 2011 


These are some of the top items that we are seeing spike in Search on Yahoo!

American Idol: If searches are any indication of a winner this year, Scott McCreery has quite the race ahead of him against Lauren Alaina — Lauren Alaina gets nearly 9 times the searches of Scott McCreery on Yahoo!, based on data from the past 7 days.

Dancing: The finale for Dancing With The Stars is tonight and people are turning to the web to search. According to searches on Yahoo! the top dancer is: Kirstie Alley followed by Chelsea Kane.

Who Is ?: People often turn to the web for answers to their questions. Some of the top “who is” questions this week on Yahoo! include: “who is Hines Ward”, “who is the Schwarzenegger staff member”, “who is james frey”, “who is the girl with the dragon tattoo”, “who is the girl in the t-mobile commercial”, “who is big papa” (referencing Real Housewives of Atlanta), “who is the richest man in the world.”

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Research Study Proves That People Like To Say The Word “Fuck” on Facebook

from The Reppler Effect

47% of Facebook Users Have Profanity on Their Wall

By reppler

It has been a little over a month since we launched Reppler so we thought it would be a good time to share some statistics we have collected.  These statistics, based on the scanning of the Facebook Wall of the over 30,000 users that have used the Reppler service so far, might be surprising to you:

  • 47% of our users have profanity on their Facebook Wall.
  • 80% of our users who have profanity on their Facebook Wall have at least one post/comment with profanity from a friend.
  • 56% of the posts/comments with profanity on a user’s Facebook Wall come from friends.
  • Users are twice as likely to use profanity in a post on their Facebook Wall, versus a comment.  Whereas friends are twice as likely to use profanity in a comment on a user’s Facebook Wall, versus a post.
  • The most common profane word is derivations of the “f-word”.  The second most common profane word is derivations of the word “sh*t”.  ”B*tch” is a distant third.

The prevalence of profanity on Facebook Walls is an increasingly important issue as a user’s Facebook profile comes under closer scrutiny, particularly by employers as they screen job applicants.  Here’s a recent Washington Post article that talks about how the use of obscenity in a work environment can impact how others perceive a person.

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Lamenting the lack of “satirical clarity”…

from The New York Times

Notes of a Screenwriter, Mad as Hell

United Artists

The screenwriter Paddy Chayefsky(1923-1981) won an Academy Award for his jeremiad “Network” (1976), starring Faye Dunaway.


LAMENTING the lack of “satirical clarity” in the screenplay he was laboring on in the early 1970s, Paddy Chayefsky was mad at himself and American television viewers at large. He was seeing the venomous spirit of the era of Watergate and the Vietnam War infiltrate every program the broadcast networks offered, from their news shows to their sitcoms, and he concluded in a typewritten note to himself that the American people “don’t want jolly, happy family type shows like Eye Witness News”; no, he wrote, “the American people are angry and want angry shows.” He had set out to write a comedy, but if his film script was funny at all, he said, “the only joke we have going for us is the idea of ANGER.”

In the following months, Chayefsky channeled that fury and his intense frustration with television — the medium he described in another note as “an indestructible and terrifying giant that is stronger than the government” — into the screenplay for “Network,” his dark satire about an unstable news anchor and a broadcasting company and a viewing public all too happy to follow him over the brink of sanity.

“Network,” directed by Sidney Lumet and released in 1976, won four Academy Awards, including Oscars for Chayefsky’s script, Faye Dunaway’s performance as a cynical programming executive and Peter Finch’s frenetic portrayal of Howard Beale, the troubled “mad prophet of the airwaves.”

Thirty-five years later, “Network” remains an incendiary if influential film, and its screenplay is still admired as much for its predictive accuracy as for its vehemence: a relentless sense of purpose that is even more palpable in the files Chayefsky left behind upon his death in 1981.

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With Thanks Be To Oprah

from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Oprah the Book Fairy: The Astounding Success of the Oprah Book Club


You can bet publisher’s are going to miss Oprah as much as her viewers when her long-running show wraps up next week. Nielsen has just released an accounting of the impact of Oprah’s Book Club on the sales of the books chosen.

In the last ten years she has sold over 22 million copies of books bearing her Book Club branding.

Her full impact on book sales is hard to quantify but there are some amazing concrete numbers regarding how many books bearing the Oprah Book Club selection imprint have sold. For example, the Oprah trade paperback edition of  A Million Little Pieces by James Frey sold 2.7 million copies and her edition of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road sold 1.4 million copies.

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57 Years Of Luscious Airbrushed Flesh Online

from the Cape Cod Times

Playboy puts all 57 years of mags online

CHICAGO (AP) — Good news for those who thought their copies of Playboy were gone forever when their moms found them and threw them away.

Playboy launched a Web-based subscription service Thursday called i.Playboy.com that allows viewers to see every single page of every single magazine – from the first issue nearly 60 years ago that featured Marilyn Monroe to the ones hitting the newsstands today.

“They no longer have to store 57 years – 682 issues – of Playboy under their mattress,” said Jimmy Jellinek, Playboy’s chief content officer.

Chicago-based Playboy has seen its circulation plummet from 3.15 million in 2006 to 1.5 million today and has been trying all sorts of gimmicks to attract readers in recent years. One issue, for example, included a set of 3-D glasses to better see a centerfold shot in 3-D; another turned over the cover to a cartoon character, Marge Simpson.

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Macho Man Randy Savage Gone

from Fox News

Pro Wrestler Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage Dies in Car Accident, Report Says

Pro wrestling superstar Randy “Macho Man” savage died after having a heart attack while driving his Jeep Wrangler, TMZ reports.

The accident happened in Tampa Bay, Fla. according to Savage’s brother, Lanny Poffo.

He told TMZ the accident happened Friday morning when Savage lost control of his vehicle.

Florida Highway Patrol said Savage leapt a concrete median, veered into oncoming traffic and smashed into a tree head on.

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FLAVORWIRE: 10 Novels That Will Disturb Even the Coldest of Hearts

from Flavorwire

10 Novels That Will Disturb Even the Coldest of Hearts
12:30 pm Wednesday May 18, 2011 by Kathleen Massara

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

If you take away the epilogue, this novel tells an unbelievably miserable story of confinement and misogynistic rule. In the near future, the United States is overthrown by the pernicious Sons of Jacob, who then establish the Republic of Gilead. The bank accounts of women and other undesirables are frozen, and a group known as Handmaids become the hosts for the future children of the ruling class. Atwood’s prose is beautiful and chilling, as always.

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