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Could a toad’s psychedelic venom be the next big anti-depressant?

by Hiyah Zaidi

Sonoran Desert Toad
The Colorado River toad is known for its psychedelic properties, but could it be hiding a major medicinal secret? (Picture: Getty Images)

hallucinogenic toad’s venom could be a new form of anti-depressant, scientists say. 

The Colorado River toad, also known as the Sonoran Desert toad, has psychedelic venom just below the surface, which they secrete through their glands when it is scared.

And although it is well known that this toad’s venom can cause intense hallucinations and trippy experiences, until now scientists have been unsure how exactly it influences the brain.

But a recent study has found that the toad’s hallucinogenic compound could be the basis of a new antidepressant.

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