from The Las Vegas Review-Journal

An artificial mind, with a lifelike body

Amid a world of evolving AI, a Las Vegas man brings his creations to life

By Jason Bracelin

Matt McMullen’s company Realbotix makes lifelike AI driven robots. And he’s doing it all in a nondescript studio tucked behind his home. (Rachel Aston/Las Vegas Review-Journal) @rookie__rae

You wanna see her move? I think that’s the fun part.

The room is thick with anticipation and fabricated skulls.

She’s gonna wake up. Give her a second.

Matt McMullen eyes his creation as her eyes flutter open in return, her gaze settling upon all the disembodied faces and mechanical mandibles surrounding her in this workshop where fake hair co-mingles with real ambition.

Gradually, she stirs to life, this robot who doesn’t look like one.

Her arms flare out a bit, her head tilts downward then upward, a smile slowly, yet steadily blossoms on her face like time-lapse footage of a flower blooming in the sunlight.

“Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” renowned science fiction author Philip K. Dick once asked in the title of one of his most celebrated works, which would later be adapted into the film “Blade Runner.”

Nope, turns out they fantasize about visiting theme parks instead, as we learn on a recent Wednesday morning.

“So, who is going to take me to Disneyland?” the robot wonders, her words apropos of … well, we’re not quite sure.

Maybe she’s just reacting to her environment: on a table nearby rests a small sign adorned with an image of Mickey Mouse and a quote from Walt Disney.

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