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Urgent warning for anyone using scarily accurate ‘AI death calculator’

by Hiyah Zaidi

Mobile phone with ominous robot face on screen
Be warned if you’re testing out an ‘AI death calculator’ (Picture: Getty)

The team behind an ‘AI death calculator’ that can predict, well, when you’ll die, issued a stark warning for those keen to find out their life expectancy.

Danish researchers unveiled the Life2vec AI chatbot in December. They said the program can accurately predict not only how long you’ll live, but also how rich you will be.

Now, a number of copycat apps are appearing online that appear to be scams – while the original chatbot has not been released to the public.

The team have put out a warning that scammers have created fraudulent websites imitating the chatbot which ‘have nothing to do with us and our work’.

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