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Self-Driving Waymo Spotted Plowing Down Wrong Side of Street

“I think we can all agree that the decision making of the Waymo was not good.”

blazelord69 via Reddit / Futurism
Image by blazelord69 via Reddit / Futurism

video making the rounds on social media shows a self-driving Waymo car bombing down the wrong side of the road in downtown San Francisco — yet another glaring incident involving the company’s vehicles acting unexpectedly.

The footage shows the vehicle passing a group of electric-powered unicyclists and scooters in the city’s Mission and Market district last week.

Another video shows the same event from a different perspective, with the Waymo car seemingly trying to overtake the unicyclists — by taking over the entirety of the oncoming lane.

Fortunately, one of the unicyclists managed to get the vehicle to stop by getting in front of it.

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