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Interview: Eli Roth & James Frey Talk Fright Krewe Season 2

by Tyler Treese

Fright Krewe
Credit: Peacock

ComingSoon Editor-in-Chief Tyler Treese spoke with Fright Krewe co-creators Eli Roth and James Frey about the horror series. The duo discussed making a horror series for teenagers and their love of 2D animation. The new season is set to debut on Hulu and Peacock on March 29, 202.

“As the threat of Belial looms large, the Fright Krewe and their newfound supernatural allies, the rougarous and vampires come together for an unprecedented battle to save the world,” reads the new season’s synopsis. “But with Belial resurrecting every demonic entity known to evil kind will the superpowers gifted to the teens by the loas prove stronger than the diabolical forces unleashed?”

Tyler Treese: Eli, I was very pleasantly surprised with how quickly Fright Krewe Season 2 came out. Talk to me about the production timeline. Did you guys know what you wanted to do to do already with Season 2? How was this such a quick endeavor?

Eli Roth: It actually was a decision that was made early on to make 20 episodes and split them into two seasons. They wanted to sort of wait to announce Season 2 and release them close together so that people knew that a second season was coming. Obviously, it’s not an anthology show where there are the different monsters of the week, but there’s this overall larger story that’s being told, and we wanted people to know that it’s okay to invest in it. We want you to invest in it because there’s more coming.

So when we broke out the stories and wrote the seasons, we wrote it as a 20-episode arc. Obviously, we would love to continue with further seasons, but we knew this story had to come to this portion. This character — the Belial story and the Fright Krewe — we had to resolve it by the end of Season 2. So that’s really what we were working towards.

James, you know, the first season of Fright Krewe is a great introduction to all the characters and really got the ball rolling. What was most exciting about having the second season to continue that story and have more freedom? Since you already have the introductions, you can just get into the meat of the story rather than establishing everybody.

James Frey: When Eli and I first came up with this, which is a whole bunch of years ago, we always imagined it as a multi-season, ongoing, serialized story. Obviously, we hope it keeps going, but the most exciting part of Season 2 was seeing what Eli and I had discussed … was it seven or eight years ago, Eli?

Roth: Nine.

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