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Comic Tom Segura Has Bizarre Run-In With a Notable Senator And His Fascination With Term Motherf*cker

By Candice Ortiz

Comedian Tom Segura recalled a bizarre encounter he allegedly had with Senator and part-time podcaster Ted Cruz while out for a walk in his neighborhood.

Segura shared the story as part of his new special Sledgehammer which premiered on Netflix on July 4th. Segura and his wife, fellow comedian Christina Pazsitzky, moved to Texas in the last few years and he revealed that one of their neighbors just so happens to be Cruz.

“Here’s what’s wild. A current or former United States Senator, I shall not say, whom lives in my neighborhood. Everybody talks about him. I know which house is his. I’d never met him. Now I’m home from tour and I decide to start my day with a morning walk, a casual walk. You know, I have some coffee, let’s get the day started. I go for a walk,” Segura said.

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