from Army Times

Are squid teeth the secret to building ‘self-healing’ robots? The Army thinks so

by Todd South

Researchers have teamed with Army initiatives to look at how a protein in squid “ring teeth” might be used to create self-healing materials for clothing, gear and robot parts. Melik Demirel, professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics at Penn State, is pictured here with a squid from early testing. (Army Research Office)

Scientists working with the Army are employing a natural self-healing process using squid teeth in ways that could allow future engineers to manufacture self-fixing parts in soldier clothing, prosthetic legs, personal protective equipment and even robot parts.

The polymer they’ve been able to reproduce is based on a natural protein in the ring teeth of a squid that repairs itself when damaged.

Stephanie McElhinny, program manager at the Army Research Office, told Army Times that while applications for soldiers are still a few years away, what they’ve been able to do is already showing real promise.

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