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Second Arctic ‘Doomsday Vault’ will allow the world’s precious books to survive Armageddon

Huge archive of digitised documents will be buried deep in an old mine buried within the permafrost of Svalbard in Norway

by Jasper Hamill

Like the Seed Vault, the Doomsday Library is buried in the permafrostAP /Like the Seed Vault, the Doomsday Library is buried in the permafrost

It is hoped countries will choose to store digitised versions of their most important books and documents in the vast library, allowing to survive nuclear war or some other grim apocalypse.

If Britain decided to get involved in the project and put a version of the National Archive in the vault, it would mean that copies of The Sun would be preserved for all eternity – so future generations can enjoy a few episodes of Deidre’s Ye Olde Photo Casebook.

The facility is called the World Arctic Archive and is based in the same area of Norway as the Global Seed Vault, which is stocked up with seeds to enable humanity to survive if a natural disaster wipes out food supplies.

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