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Tourist resort on the MOON will let brave holidaymakers bask in constant sunshine


Sun, sand and spacesuits: Would you fancy a holiday on the moon?Sun, sand and spacesuits: Would you fancy a holiday on the moon?

The European Space Agency has claimed its incredible “moon village” will one day allow tourists to stay on the moon.

Johann-Dietrich Wörner, ESA director general, said holidaymakers will be invited to stay in the incredible lunar resort as well as businessmen, scientists and even miners who are likely to be interested in extracting minerals from the moon.

The lunar sun trap could offer sunseekers the chance to bask in constant daylight, depending on where it is built.

However, wearing a bikini is likely to be a no-no, because humans would need to don a space suit to avoid instant death on the freezing, airless lunar surface.

Currently, the base is likely to be constructed near the poles, offering access to water for drinking and possibly swimming – should ESA decide to fit the base with a pool.

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