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Georgia man shoots armadillo, bullet bounces off critter’s shell, hits shooter’s mother-in-law inside mobile home 100 yards away: Police (VIDEO)



Armored and dangerous!

A Georgia man shot his mother-in-law in a freak accident after a bullet he fired at an armadillo ricocheted off the creature’s back.

Larry McElroy, 54, was outside 74-year-old Carol Johnson’s mobile home in Lee County on Sunday night when he took aim with his 9-mm pistol at the animal, WALB reported.

The critter was killed by the round.

But the projectile bounced back off its armor, hit a fence and traveled 100 yards to fly through the back door of the property, police said.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the bizarre incident.

He recommended McElroy use a shotgun next time.

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