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Howard Stern does legwork for Katie Couric’s show, but she doesn’t take the bait


	Legendary music producer Clive Davis is a guest on KATIE, airing TUESDAY, FEB. 19th, distributed by Disney-ABC Domestic Television.DONNA SVENNEVIK/ABC/GETTY IMAGES; GETTY IMAGES

Take your pants off!

That’s all Howard Stern wanted of host Katie Couric when he was a guest on her talk show “Katie” Wednesday.

“You’re not the CBS anchorwoman anymore. In this format you take your pants off,” the shock jock told the former host of the “CBS Evening News.”

He then demanded to know how she keeps those legs looking so good. He’d raised that topic earlier on his Sirius XM radio show, saying he wanted to know why they looked so greasy and good.

“Basically I just put lotion on them,” Couric told Stern. “That’s my secret.”

But Howard wasn’t finished with the inquiry. He wanted to know why she was wearing leather pants, when her usual talk-show outfit is a skin-baring skirt.

Couric explained that she just did it to match Stern’s leather jacket and to be edgy.

“Taking those pants off would be edgy,” he quipped. Couric replied, “Maybe during the commercial break.”

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