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About Project Orange Slice

Project Orange Slice takes a novel and applies it to a blog format (ad free). Chapters released daily. Dates and times announced via Twitter (we promise not to annoy you with multiple tweets). Once the last chapter is posted online, all chapters will be taken down and replaced with an ebook, available for purchase.

It’s like selling fruit at a farmer’s market. Cut up oranges and hand out slices to those willing to try something new. Hopefully, they’ll be back to buy your produce.

The first novel released under Project Orange Slice is “Les Cannibales” by DeLeon DeMicoli.

The first chapter will be posted once we reach 500 twitter followers.

About “Les Cannibales”

During a robbery, Blinky sees police activity down the street. His crew assumes cops have the art gallery surrounded, unaware of their true presence, which is responding to a car accident that has left one man dead. The thieves shoot at the responding officers and take hostages. When Detective Reynolds arrives at the scene, he identifies the dead man involved in the car accident as Carlo Herrera. This becomes his main lead to hunt down the thieves’ true identities and work out a peaceful resolution before S.W.A.T moves in.

Each thief has a story explaining why he chose to take the job. Inky is a con artist repaying an old debt, Blinky is a stuntman in need of quick cash, Pinky is an enforcer that’s looking to move up in the ranks and Clyde is a sociopath / art aficionado that was recently released from prison.  When S.W.A.T teams get the “go-ahead” to overtake the gallery, it’s dog-eat-dog as thieves plan their escape.

About the Author

DeLeon DeMicoli lives in East Bay, CA. He writes a monthly blog called “This Fighting Life” for

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