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Everybody Must Get Stoned: The Rolling Stones’ ‘Cocksucker Blues’ Comes to MoMA

By Michael H. Miller

Mick Jagger and Robert Frank.

The staid walls of a major metropolitan museum are hardly the proper setting for the destruction of property, chronic use of a class A controlled substance, or semi-consensual sex aboard a mid-sized private jet (at least if the board of trustees has its say), but in recent years that’s the main environment in which Robert Frank’s cinema vérité documentary about the Rolling Stones’ 1972 tour of America, Cocksucker Blues, has been available to the public. When Mick Jagger had a look at what Mr. Frank had pieced together from all the access the band had given him, the film was almost completely suppressed. A 1977 court ruling favored Mr. Frank slightly; the film could be screened no more than four times a year, only in the presence of the director or an associate in an “archival setting,” hence the museums.

Last week, the Museum of Modern Art screened the film on the opening night of their “Rolling Stones: 50 Years on Film” retrospective.

“On behalf of MoMA Film,” said Joshua Siegel, a curator in the museum’s film department who organized the exhibition, “welcome to, uh, Cocksucker Blues. A sentence I never thought I’d utter.”

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