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Extortion scheme aimed at Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein undone when cops intervene in roommate feud over a bag of cat food

You can’t make this up: A violent extortion plot aimed against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein fell apart when cops had to intervene in a domestic disturbance over cat food in the home of the would-be mastermind and found an incriminating fake ID A violent fight over a bag of cat food helped bring down the man accused of demanding millions from Harvey Weinstein in a plot that threatened the movie mogul’s family. Suspect Vivek Shah, now facing federal charges he ordered Weinstein and four other wealthy individuals to pay up or he’d start killing loved ones, had a critical run-in with cops on May 22 after his female roommate called 911 claiming assault. The fight inside their West Hollywood, Calif., bungalow stemmed from a confrontation over Shah’s placement of a cat food bag in a recycling bin, Shah said in a court statement obtained by the Daily News. “[Shah] stormed into my room in a violent rage and slammed my door open so hard, it scraped the skin on the top of my foot and it started bleeding,” roommate Stephanie Harris said in a court filing seeking a restraining order. Cops who responded found Shah in possession of a fake driver’s license bearing the name Ray Amin – the ID used to rent the mailbox used in the alleged extortion scheme. The May 22 incident is mentioned without description in the federal indictment of Shaw made public Wednesday. “I’m scared of him,” Harris told The News Friday. “He’s a dangerous individual.” Harris told the court Shah, 25, boasted about taking a “muscle enhancement” that altered his moods. She said she asked him to move out after the altercation, but he refused. [ click to read full article at ]