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An extraterrestrial interview with ‘Rise of Nine’ author Pittacus Lore — EXCLUSIVE

by Stephan Lee


When Lorien elder Pittacus Lore called me earlier this week, I had a hard time understanding him at first. Of course it was due to the voice-changer he was using to hide his identity, as he is in the midst of a high-stakes, intergalactic battle against the Mogadorians. At great personal risk, Lore spoke to EW about his new book Rise of Nine (Aug. 21) in the Lorien Legacies series. He also shared his thoughts on the I Am Number Four movie and what Loriens like to read and watch. Also read on for news of Lore’s possible book signing appearances in the future.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Your books have been widely read since I Am Number Four. Are you loving the author’s life?
PITTACUS LORE: I don’t live an author’s life. I live the life of a general at war. While I have been writing the books during moments of peace, my full-time job is hunting and killing Mogadorians. That being said, I appreciate all the support we have gotten from readers around the world.

Have you enjoyed interacting with earthling readers?
Yes I have. I interact with them online every day and occasionally I show up at events though none of them know I am actually Pittacus Lore. Readers of Earth have been great to me and to the other Loriens here on Earth.

What can we expect from Rise of Nine?

Rise of Nine starts more or less where the Power of Six ends. Number 4 and Number 6 are trying to find the other Lorien on Earth. They are both wounded and have both fought massive battles. They are trying to find their brothers and sisters so that they can end the reign of terror brought on by the Mogadorians.

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