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‘The Power Of Six’ Debuts Today: Author, Lorien Elder Pittacus Lore Speaks

Posted 8/23/11 4:39 pm ET by Amy Wilkinson in Page Turners

The Power of Six“They tried to catch Number Four in Ohio…and failed. I am Number Seven. And I’m ready to fight.”

Thus concludes the synopsis for Pittacus Lore’s second “Lorien Legacies” novel, “The Power of Six,” which hits bookstore shelves today. The novel picks up where the preceding “I Am Number Four” left off, with the titular Number Four (John), Number Six and Sam on the run after a deadly confrontation with the enemy Mogadorians.

John is once again a central focus in this second effort from co-authors James Frey and Jobie Hughes (who use the pen name Pittacus Lore), but the novel also introduces us to Number Seven, a young woman named Marina living in Spain, whose protectors may not have her best interests at heart.

In anticipation of the novel’s release, we were granted an audience (via email, that is) with author/Lorien elder Pittacus Lore himself, who (very succinctly) answered a few of our burning questions. Read our entire interview after the jump!

Hollywood Crush: Your latest is titled “The Power of Six” but revolves quite a bit around Number Seven. How did you decide on the title, and were you worried there would be any confusion that the book was about Six?

Pittacus Lore: The title “The Power of Six” refers to the remaining six Lorien who are on Earth, and their collective power, but also Number Six whose power is on full display near the end of the book.

Will Number Four continue to be a narrator in each of the series’ books?

For as long as Number Four is alive, he will be a major part of the books.

Number Five is glaringly absent. Can you tell us anything about what he/she is up to?

I write about the events as they happen. It is not important to find the other Loriens in the order of their numbers, just to find them at all. We know now where Number Five is.

Your name appears in this second novel.

I am Pittacus Lore, the ruling Lorien elder, the planet’s leader and military ruler. It’s natural that at some point I would appear in the books being written about our war with the Mogadorians.

Can you give us any update on plans for the film adaptation of “The Power of Six”?

Mr. Michael Bay would be the best person to speak to about it. I am sworn to a vow of silence.

Okay then…

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