from The Arizona Republic

Verrines showcase the simpler side of French cuisine

by Karen Fernau

French cuisine remains synonymous with intoxicatingly rich flavors and classic dishes such as crepes suzette and boeuf bourguignon.

Yet there’s a lighter side to French food, one minus sticks of butter and gobs of duck fat. One such dish is a verrine – artfully layered foods in a glass. Popular for decades in France, this chic dish is gaining traction across the pond in eateries and home entertaining.

A glass might be filled with red quinoa, leek sprouts and tomatoes, and another with avocados, smoked salmon, chives and fromage blanc.

Layered verrine recipes:

 Avocado, Salmon and Cheese
 Kiwi, Mascarpone and Jelly
 Quinoa, Alfalfa and Avocado

A verrine, which translates as “protective glass,” can be savory or sweet, and served in any glass, from crystal champagne flutes to clear plastic tumblers.

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