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What’s Spiking on Yahoo! 5/24

by BRAD MILLER on MAY 24, 2011 


These are some of the top items that we are seeing spike in Search on Yahoo!

American Idol: If searches are any indication of a winner this year, Scott McCreery has quite the race ahead of him against Lauren Alaina — Lauren Alaina gets nearly 9 times the searches of Scott McCreery on Yahoo!, based on data from the past 7 days.

Dancing: The finale for Dancing With The Stars is tonight and people are turning to the web to search. According to searches on Yahoo! the top dancer is: Kirstie Alley followed by Chelsea Kane.

Who Is ?: People often turn to the web for answers to their questions. Some of the top “who is” questions this week on Yahoo! include: “who is Hines Ward”, “who is the Schwarzenegger staff member”, “who is james frey”, “who is the girl with the dragon tattoo”, “who is the girl in the t-mobile commercial”, “who is big papa” (referencing Real Housewives of Atlanta), “who is the richest man in the world.”

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