James Frey during a studio visit with Wes Lang

James Frey is a best selling author whose previous novels include A Million Little Pieces, My Friend Leonard and Bright Shiny Morning. Signed copies of his newest book, The Final Testament of the Holy Bible can be purchased on Exhibition A.

Who did the cover image for The Final Testament of the Holy Bibleand how did you arrive at that visual?

Gregory Crewdson shot the cover. We talked about what it should be, and I wanted a scalpel. If you read the book it becomes evident why. We looked at all sorts of scalpels and trays, and shot it in a studio in Chelsea. I was really honored to have him do it. He’s a great artist and one I admire greatly.

If Jesus came back around, as your book suggests, who would be best suited to paint his portrait.

Richard Phillips or John Currin. Maybe Jenny Saville. Maybe Nan Goldin.

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