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Ghosts, Goths, and Galas at the Fabulous Beekman Boys Farm

The previews have been running all week. Previews that show the ghosts of Beekman. And it’s episode six of The Fabulous Beekman Boys. And three sixes strung together is the sign of the beast. I have been wondering if there is a connection. If the beast is lurking at the Beekman, maybe living inside a goat and waiting to reveal himself. Or if Pokie the Llama is the beast. Or maybe one of those dudes that runs the American Hotel in Sharon Springs. If one of them was, it would be incredible, reality TV history for sure. And even if the beast isn’t there, it looks like there’s some serious paranormal activity going at the farm. I like paranormal activity. Ghosts, ghosts, ghosts! The Beast! Potential history, maybe even the beginning of the Holy War that ends us all. I’ve been waiting all week. As usual, I’ll be using my goat scale to decide if what I see makes it more or less likely that I leave New York City for my own life in the country.

We get our first notion that Beekman is haunted! Go ghosts, go beast!!!! Five goats.

Josh and Brent talk about the year of sacrifice, which is the year in which Josh has agreed to stay in the city and work his day job at the ad agency while Brent gets the farm business up and running. Brent thinks he’s the one making the sacrifice. I actually disagree. I’d much rather be at the farm driving around on tractor than working at an ad agency. Brent seems to win the argument, but I’m on Team Josh. One goat.

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