from FOX News

Black Rock Spirits Bakon Vodka – Dear lord, it really does taste like bacon. Floating over the top of that familiar vodka burn is pure smoked porky goodness. In fact, the bacon flavors are a bit too pronounced to make this vodka to sip straight up, let alone as a shot. However, it begs to be mixed creatively. When paired with the right ingredients, there’s all sorts of fun to be had. Not surprisingly, it makes for what is quite possibly the best Bloody Mary of all time.

Better yet, 1.5 ounces of Bakon with a raw oyster and a few dashes of Tabasco just begs to be a remedy for a brutal morning after. For mixed company, a better approach might be to swap the usual vodka in a Mudslide for the pig-laden variety, blending 1 ounce each of Kahlua, Bailey’s and Bakon over ice for an incredibly creamy pork-bomb. Just don’t forget to check if any of your guests keep Kosher before you do.

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