Tiny librarian is hell on wheels

By Jim Kavanagh

(CNN) — She’s petite, she’s middle-aged, she’s bookish, and if she gets a chance, she’ll knock you on your keister.

By day, she’s Beth Hollis, a 53-year-old reference librarian in Akron, Ohio. By night, she’s MegaBeth, an ageless dynamo on the roller derby rink.

“All my life, when I tell people I’m a librarian, they say, ‘You don’t look like a librarian,’ ” Hollis said. “And now that I’m a roller derby girl, they say, ‘You don’t look like a roller derby girl, either.’ So I don’t know where I fit in.”

Hollis has been fitting in at the Akron-Summit County Library for 27 years.

“She’s my hero,” said Diane Barton, 48, who has worked with Hollis at the library for 18 years. “I just think it’s so cool she’s doing something so different and so active and so aggressive. You know how we are. We’re librarians, so we tend to have that meek and mild stereotype.” 

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