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Plot Details Surface on James Frey’s I Am Number Four

It was recently announced that Michael Bay would be producing and possibly directing an adaptation of the upcoming novel, I Am Number Four, and now we have some more details on that film. Our friends over at FilmDrunk has dug up a new synopsis for the film, which you can read below.

The protagonist is 15. The rival race of aliens are from the planet Mogadore. They destroyed Lorien in order to strip the planet of its natural resources because Mogadore was dying, and still is, and they followed the Loric to Earth to finish the job. The Loric develop their “Legacies” (special powers) around their fifteenth year. This first book is a kind of love story. At its core it’s a type of father/son alone in the world, always moving to stay alive story, a lá The Road.

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