introMusical Bra

The Musical Bra plays music when touched!

IMG_1352.jpgTools needed:
– Conductive Fabric (strechable fabric)
– Fusible Interfacing (double and single sided – check your local fabric store)
– small nickel plated sew snaps
– conductive thread
– foam or thick felt
– regular thread/ needles
– a cheap/used toy with multiple buttons such as a keyboard (I used a keyboard from a thrift store for $1.00)
– velcro
– neoprene (or other sturdy, strechy fabric)
– a bra (preferably a bra that snaps in the front – unlike this sports bra used in this project, a front snap bra will make the bra easier to take on and off – this sports bra is not stretchy enough after sewing in the interfacing (I learned afterwards the importance of strechy conductive fabric and interfacing) You could also cut the front of a sports bra and introduce a velcro piece)
– multiple color wires
– soldering iron
– solder
– hot glue
– iron

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