Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles

Mr. Hudson, Businessman, Entrepreneur and CEO, began his life in Pennsylvania, born and raised there he attended high school and graduated in 1958. Upon his graduation he went on to join the United States Army as a Cryptographer, traveling abroad and eventually being stationed in Korea.

Later, after completing his service he removed to New York City to work for General Motors as a foreman at the Terry Town Fischer Body Plant. Now the businessman began to bloom. New York’s fast pace allowed Hudson to own and operate several businesses. It was here he gave birth to the idea and diligently laid the foundation for what was later to become the most highly favored eatery in Los Angeles. Hudson chose to leave New York and its cold climate behind in 1975, still a young man, and relocate to sunny Los Angeles with dreams of becoming a restaurateur.

Here in Los Angeles, he attended Pepperdine University studying Theology with an emphasis in business and graduating in 1980. It was also here while checking out the Los Angeles food scene that he made three observations that would ultimately change his life forever… The only restaurants in Hollywood were in hotels… There were no all-night restaurants… No restraurants served Chicken and Waffles.

Chicken, waffles, red beans - at 3am. Fewer things finer.Mr. Hudson’s three observations became the foundation on which his vision of Roscoe’s House of Chicken N’ Waffles was established. Hudson’s quality all-night take-out restaurant started in 1976 serving chicken and waffles and has now evolved to a chain of five sit-down restaurants employing over 175 individuals. Roscoe’s is a meeting place, a place for the entire family and is a household name, internationally and nationally renowned throughout the entertainment industry, political arenas and the general public at large. It’s mentioned in major motion pictures, television productions and commercial advertising.

While we don’t know the secret recipe for Roscoe’s Chicken, a secret that has kept customers coming back for more year after year, we do know that Roscoe’s businesses support the community by participating and contributing to programs and projects targeting at-risk youth.

Today, Mr. Hudson remains a strong force in the business and political communities, serving on several executive boards and actively consulting various food chain establishments regarding business affairs.

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