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Teresa Palmer on ‘I Am Number Four’ sequel and ‘Warm Bodies’ zombie love

Teresa Palmer in 'I Am Number Four'

Teresa Palmer is Number Six in “I Am Number Four” (John Bramley / DreamWorks)

Teresa Palmer may have gotten her face on the DVD box cover for “I Am Number Four,” but the Australian actress has surprisingly little screen time in this sci-fi release from February that hits home video Tuesday. She talked recently about writer James Frey, her lack of knowledge about Mogadorians and her hopes for a sequel. Apparently, her character – Number Six — will be around a whole lot more in the sequel, as you might have expected from the ending of the first film.

PKD: Does “I Am Number Four” have a fan base? Have you heard from them?

TP: Oh yeah! I mean the whole reason I started on Twitter [was that] I was meeting so many people who were fans of the movie and the books and they wanted to ask questions. Then someone suggested I get on Twitter. So what I’ve been doing is that every now and then I’ll do a Q&A on Twitter. But the majority of the questions are about the film and Number Six and the sequels. People have really embraced the movie, which is exciting.

PKD: There were a lot of bigwigs behind this movie: Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay, James Frey. Were they all hanging around during the making of the movie?

TP: I met Spielberg for the first time at the premiere. He was calling me Number Six. He was very sweet and very humble and down to earth. Unaffected by his great level of fame and success. Michael Bay I’ve known for a couple of years now. He was shooting his own movie while we were shooting “Number Four.” He was making the latest “Transformers,” so he wasn’t around. But James came to set. And he hung out and he pitched us the idea for the second book and definitely had a say in the film. He’s obviously seriously talented.

PKD: Did you talk to him about the “Million Little Pieces” controversy? Was he open about it?

TP: Yeah, he was open about it. He certainly didn’t try to brush it under the carpet. He’s a really good guy and did an amazing job on the film. It was a pleasure to work with him.

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