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Younger Than Jesus

from The Moment @ NYTimes

Fete Accompli | ‘Younger Than Jesus’


Younger Than JesusCarolyn WachnickiAt the New Museum, partygoers took a break from the open bar to observe the Chinese artist Chu Yun’s “This is Lacy,” a sculpture of a live woman.

What: Last night’s invitation-only opening party for the New Museum’s first triennial survey, “The Generational: Younger Than Jesus.”

Where: A free-for-all within the SANAA-designed Bowery home of the New Museum, including the top floor Sky Room.

Dress Code: An artsy fashion stew of Lycra jumpsuits, décolleté tops, thick-rimmed glasses (that we suspect are nonprescriptive), monochrome ensembles, sequined pants and jackets, and leggings in abrasive colors like aquamarine and magenta.

Drinks: Grolsch lager in the bottle and Nobilo wines out of little plastic cups, alongside guava-colored Campari cocktails topped with an orange slice.

Décor: Four floors of self-referential young-person art dealing with young-person topics. Think new-media references like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, Internet jargon (e.g., “OMG”); video; a live woman sleeping in bed under a downy white duvet; sculptures of severed hands on a table; and a museum employee (we think) in a blood-stained tracksuit.

Music: Ross from Tally Hall, aka DJ “MR. F”, broke out ‘90s tunes, including a throwback to West Coast rappers, and then sprinkling in Ben Harper, Daft Punk and others.

Food: N/A, naturally.

Gift: A free copy of this week’s New York magazine — ironically with the “Facebook Revolt” story on the cover.

Perks: A view of the Lower East Side and Nolita from the Sky Room.

Overheard:  “It’s cool to see what young artists are doing. Ryan Trecartin made those crazy, crazy videos. He’s got two up on the third floor. They’re insane in a great way.” — James Frey

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Posted on April 13, 2009 by Editor

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