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Yeah Yeah Yeah Go Tell It To The Glass-pack

from the Los Angeles Times

Hog days of summer

Forget ‘Born to Be Wild.’ All those overaged ‘Easy Rider’ types need to put the mufflers back on their bikes.

By John Johnson Jr.

Summer is ending, and not a moment too soon.

In my seaside Long Beach neighborhood, the warm months used to be a time when residents threw open windows to let in the sound of surf and the fragrance of suntan lotion from the roller-bladers on the bike path. But open windows are no longer an option.

Summer has become the season of the cacophonous roar, a time when phalanxes of motorcycles head for the beach cities, piloted by black-helmeted, big-bellied men who think “Easy Rider” was about them. During the week, they may be accountants or car dealers. On the weekend, they are Captain America and Billy, setting out on their own private spiritual — and noisy — journeys.

Visit any coastal community or travel mountain roads on a summer weekend and you will see them: desktop rebels rumbling along in vast, growling herds. Not satisfied with the feel of the wind on their faces, these guys aren’t happy unless heads are turning and ears are bleeding. In my building, neighbors have to stop talking with guests when one roars by.

As I researched this topic, I discovered I was not alone in my outrage. Indignation abounds on the Internet — along with alarming information. One website reported that 45% of motorcycles have been illegally modified to make them louder. The California Air Resources Board puts the number even higher, at about 85%, while a biking industry group says it’s closer to 40%. Whatever, it’s a huge number of people who have deliberately made their bikes more annoying.

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Posted on September 21, 2009 by Editor

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