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“Walking & Stalking” the Squalid Underbelly

from The New York Observer

A Tour of New York’s Squalid Underbelly, at the Tip of Your Fingers

By Matthew Kassel

image courtesy of the very cool site

On any given block in New York, it’s safe to assume that you are walking past the scene of some former crime–a murder, a beating, a robbery. And if you like knowing about New York’s squalid underbelly, a new app that came to our attention today, called “Walking & Stalking,”may be worth your time.

The app, which costs $1.99, is a geographical and historical guide to the sensational murders and drug deals and other illegal incidents that have gone down in our fair city through the years. Though it’s by no means exhaustive, “Walking & Stalking” has a lot of juicy information crammed into it.

“I tried to make it super thorough, very exact,” said Stephanie Hughes, the writer and photographer who created the app. “It’s for people interested in stories, people who tend to dig around for info and details.”

Now, if you didn’t know already, you can find out when and where, exactly, Norman Mailer drunkenly stabbed his second wife, Adele Morales, with a penknife (November 21, 1960, 5 a.m., 250 West 94th Street). You’re familiar with Frank Serpico from the eponymous Sidney Lumet movie starring Al Pacino, but the app will lead you to the apartment building where Mr. Serpico was shot during a heated narcotics raid in 1971 (778 Driggs Avenue, in Williamsburg).

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Posted on April 24, 2013 by Editor

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