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VR Russo


2 of Marvel’s big directors are embarking on their own virtual reality project


russoAnthony Harvey/Getty Images Brothers Joe Russo (left) and Anthony Russo.

It’s not just gamers and aspiring filmmakers who are getting involved in virtual reality. It’s attracting some big Hollywood talent, too.

Brothers Anthony and Joe Russo, the brain trust behind “Captain America: Civil War” and Marvel’s upcoming “Infinity War” movies, are interested in the potential of the technology, too, and will be using their branded entertainment companyBullitt, to explore the space.

“We’re looking at ways to expand that company,” Joe Russo told The Hollywood Reporterduring the Beijing leg of the “Civil War” press tour. “We feel a lot of the future of storytelling is going to be in the VR space. The possibilities do feel limitless. We’ve spent 100 years understanding film as two-hour, closed-ended stories.”

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Posted on April 28, 2016 by Editor

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