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Van Man Black Disses Sedaris

from The GalleyCat @ MediaBistro

‘Why does David Sedaris hate America?’

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Michael Ian Black, author of My Custom Van: And 50 other mind-Blowing Essays that will Blow Your Mind All Over Your Face is endorsed by Amy Sedaris (“Enjoy the ride of your lifetime”) but is gunning for her brother David. Since Black realized that his book is currently higher ranked on than David Sedaris’s 1994 book Barrel Fever, Black’s begun a “desperate bid to dismantle that mo-fo David Sedaris’s lock on all things ‘best-selling,'” Most importantly he wonders “Why does David Sedaris hate America?” (Sedaris lives in France)

In Black’s laugh-out-loud collection of short comic essays from Simon Spotlight Entertainment (which includes an introduction from Abraham Lincoln) he throws down the gauntlet with the essay ‘Hey David Sedaris – Why Don’t You Just Go Ahead and Suck It?’ He now continues the fued online with several Sedaris blogs at the moment including Some Ways to Casually Put Down David Sedaris at Your Next Social Event Without Looking Like a Total Jerk which includes this gem:

Say, for example, you are at league bowling night and your buddy finds himself facing an easy pick-up for a spare. Just before he bowls say something like, “Don’t miss, Bob, or you might hear David Sedaris telling a long and humorous story about what a boob you are on ‘This American Life.'”

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Posted on June 25, 2008 by Editor

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