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TY-LöR BORING: “Jesus as a hunky construction worker in the modern day Bronx. I couldn’t put this book down for 2 days.”

from OUT Magazine

Looking Back At 2011 With Ty-Lör Boring



The ‘Top Chef’ star shares his 2011 favorites

While the ferocious competition and mysterious appeal of Tom Colicchio are usually reason enough for us to tune into Top Chef, there has been something else keeping us enraptured this season: Ty-Lör Boring.

The super cute and openly gay chef, who toils in a West Village kitchen but has done some side work, including modeling for Butt magazine, has been such an enjoyable part of our TV watching this year, we asked him to share his own Top 10 list from 2011.

Favorite Vacation: Culebra, Puerto Rico .
I hadn’t been on a proper vacation in 5 years and before filming Top Chef I took a week off on the beach. It’s completely off the grid which is nothing short of amazing.

Favorite Celebrity Crush: Brian Wilson.
Maybe it was his roommate dressed up as a gimp during a sports interview. Maybe it’s the tights. Maybe it’s the beard. In any case, I am a fan.

Favorite Cocktail: Caipirinha.
Lime, sugarcane, cachaça. In the middle of winter nothing reminds me of the middle of summer like this cocktail.

Favorite Music: “Internet Friends” by Knife Party.
DJ Vito Fun remixed this track for release next summer on Fire Island and I can’t stop dancing to it.

Favorite Book: The Final Testament of the Holy Bible by James Frey.
Jesus as a hunky construction worker in the modern day Bronx. I couldn’t put this book down for 2 days.

Favorite Secret Weapon: Worcestershire Sauce. 
I came across a recipe for making your own a while back and have some batches in my wine cellar approaching 4 years old. It makes the cheapest steak taste like 90-day dry-aged waygu.

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Posted on December 28, 2011 by Editor

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