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Drunk Bus Driver Takes N.Y. Students On Wild Ride

Surveillance Video Shows 3 Dozen Terrified Kids Begging 55-Year-Old Martha Thompson To Stop The Bus

Woman Eventually Pleads Guilty To 37 Counts Of Child Endangerment

A driver is heading to jail after she was drunk behind the wheel with more than three dozen kids aboard.

And as a surveillance video shows, the children were screaming for her to stop. 

The video shows the dangerous school bus ride last May in the Alfred-Almond school district in Allegany County. Martha Thompson, 55, had a blood alcohol content of .15. At the time, she thought the children were over-reacting. 

Students can be heard screaming, “Put on the break!” 

Driver: “Will you guys stop?” 

Student: “Well you’re not okay, and I know it.” 

The bus hit high speeds, ran over a mailbox and started rolling backwards downhill. 

Student: “Turn the bus off!” 

Driver: “No.” 

Student: “You’re backing into the freaking ditch; you’re making the little kids cry. Stop!” 

Finally, the children opened the emergency door in the back of the bus to get out, despite Thompson pleading against it. 

Driver: “You can’t get off the bus!”

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