from the Kirkintilloch Herald

Third mall from the Sun – Morrison and Cargo combine on a brave new world

CHAIN stores, skateboarding neds, Gok Wan fashion shows and zombies – a few of the things I associate with shopping malls.

Luckily Ewan Morrison has a different story to tell . . . quite a number of stories to be exact.

And even more luckily the hip young gunslingers at Cargo – Scotland’s most cutting edge publisher – are bringing the stories to life in a unique way.

‘Tales From The Mall’ is threatening to break ground in almost every department (store).

From one of the UK’s most acclaimed literary and film talents, ‘Tales From The Mall’ is a mash-up of fact, fiction, essays, true stories and multi-format media that describes the rise of one of the most defining and iconic symbols of the modern age – the shopping mall.

Wry, humourous and fast-paced; packed full of brain-boiling facts and gut-wrenching, often hilarious stories; it will change the way you think about your hair colour, your loyalty cards, the global economy and your boyfriend . . . forever.

Morrison has been praised by no less than Douglas Coupland, author of ‘Generation X’, and controversial literary force James Frey.

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