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The Whizzinator

from CBS St. Louis

Lake St. Louis Man Accused of Using Prosthetic Penis During Drug Test

ST. CHARLES. Mo. (KMOX) – A Lake St. Louis man accused of using a prosthetic penis to try to pass a drug test is facing criminal charges.

According to police, 34 year-old Sydney Levin was submitting a urine sample last week as part of his probation when an officer allegedly spotted him using a prosthetic penis, known as a Whizzinator.

The prosthetic is advertised as a discreet device way to use someone else’s urine.

Levin was charged with possessing a forging instrument. He was arrested and released after posting $25,000 bond. He pleaded not guilty Monday.

This is not a new scheme in 2005 TV action star Tom Sizemore passed several mandated drug tests using the Whizzinator, but was eventually caught.

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Posted on March 29, 2013 by Editor

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