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The Maestro of San Francisco

from SF Gate

The curious life of the Bay Area’s 84-year-old bodybuilding rhinestone cowboy artist

by Michelle Robertson

Stills of Maestro Gaxiola from the Criterion Collection. 
Stills of Maestro Gaxiola from the Criterion Collection. Courtesy of the Criterion Collection

In his 84 years, Gerald “The Maestro” Gaxiola has been an artist, a bodybuilder, a philosopher, a writer, a singer/songwriter, a leather worker, a salesman and an aircraft mechanic. 

Above all, he is a Bay Area legend. Gaxiola has lived in Albany for decades, where he became a visible figure thanks to his handmade rhinestone cowboy outfits and “Maestro Day,” a short-lived celebration of art, life and cowboys. 

Gaxiola has not held a day job for nearly five decades. He’s painted an estimated 11,000 works of art, but refuses to sell them. He lives, indubitably, the artist’s life. 

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Posted on July 25, 2021 by Editor

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