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The Future Of The Bucket List

from The Mirror

People could soon be able to have virtual sex with their biggest idols, claims expert

Dreams of a night with your favourite celebrity could soon become a reality


Fancy sharing a night with Bieber?

Fans could soon be getting closer to their idols than ever before.

New technology has meant that ultrasound waves can create the sensation of feeling rain, wind or even holding an object.

We’ve all been desperate to meet some of the worlds most famous celebrities – but what if it was possible to take it further than that?

BBC filmmaker Ted Harrison has claimed that it could just be a few short years before developments mean that they can create the feeling of human touch.

He explained: “It could well be possible to book a life-size, lifelike virtual Elvis for a birthday party in the same way that today an Elvis lookalike can be hired.

“If technology could simulate contact, what ethical and moral issues would this raise?”

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Posted on August 9, 2016 by Editor

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