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Hot dog mystery: Why can’t you find Kahn’s anymore?

Cincinnati’s favorite hot dog has disappeared

By: John Matarese

Kahn’s hot dogs have been a Cincinnati favorite for generations, even being named the official hot dog of the Cincinnati Reds.

But as we approach the Fourth of July, many grocery shoppers are asking: What happened to them?

Libby Turpin has loved Kahn’s hot dogs since she was a child, but her Kroger Marketplace store in Lebanon, Ohio, has had either empty shelves or other brands in the Kahn’s spot. 

“I went out to find some Kahn’s hot dogs or Big Red Smokeys to throw on the grill for the holiday weekend and couldn’t find any,” she said. “I thought maybe I was just a little late to the game.”

She checked another Kroger store, this time in Deerfield Township. No luck.

The shelves had no Kahn’s Wieners, hot dogs or Big Red Smokeys.

“They are on the website, but they do not have them,” she said. “Other friends have checked, too, at other Kroger stores, and no one can find them.”

Kahn’s dogs and wieners are as Cincinnati as Skyline Chili and LaRosa’s Pizza, two brands they actually predate. 

The brand, founded by Elias Kahn in 1883, helped give Cincinnati its “Porkopolis” nickname.

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