ALBERT REYES: The Art of The Rattling Wall – August 13


The Art of The Rattling Wall

Please join PEN Center USA and Narrow Books at Synchronicity on August 13, 2011, at 7 p.m. for the opening of ALBERT REYES: THE ART OF THE RATTLING WALL. The Rattling Wall is a Los Angeles-based literary journal specializing in short fiction, travel essays, and poetry. ALBERT REYES: THE ART OF THE RATTLING WALL will feature the artwork that appears in the journal’s inaugural issue, as well as new work. The show will run from August 13-27, 2011.

Albert Reyes has a distinctive artistic approach inspired not only by street art, comic books, and American pop culture; but also by contemporary and classical “high art.” His drawings and illustrations incorporate everything from icons of corporate America to Hollywood stars, to mass media, to politics, to consumerism. Reyes has exhibited at the Pacific Design Center, Giant Robot (Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York), Black Market Gallery, Art Basel Miami Beach, and Shepard Fairey’s Subliminal Projects and Studio Number One galleries. His artwork has appeared in the New York Times: Year In Ideas, Swindle, Chicano Art Magazine, Giant Robot Magazine, and on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and CNN.

The Rattling Wall, Issue 1, includes work by Tod Goldberg, Libby Flores, Tony Hoagland, Joseph Mattson, Kyle G. Dargan, Eric Layer, Stacey Waite, Neal Pollack, Lou Mathews, Don Winslow, Matthew Zapruder, Alisa Slaughter, James Greer, Eloise Klein Healy, Blake Butler, Jessica Garrison, Allison Burnett, Samantha Dunn, Brando Skyhorse, and James Frey. The Rattling Wall is edited by Michelle Meyering.

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