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Ten-Hanging Fans of ‘Amistad’ Star Beat Paparazzo With His Own Stick

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Violent Surfers Shred Paps Over McConaughey

A group of surfers just got gnarly on a group of paps — all over photos of beach king Matthew McConaughey!Beach Fight: Click to view!
Around 12 photographers were on the beach in Malibu this afternoon trying to get shots of Matty hitting the surf, when an all-out smackdown was laid on the pappers by turf-protecting surfers.

One pap was hit in the face and we’re told suffered a broken nose, while another was thrown into some rocks and had his camera smashed. McConaughey was not involved in the ruckus.

Police tell us a battery report was filed by one photographer and no arrests have been made.

A rep for Matthew has yet to get back to us.

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Posted on June 22, 2008 by Editor

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