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Taking The Tri-State Down The Rabbit Hole

from WTVW

Author James Frey Talks About His Latest Project

ENDGAME is the interactive project led by international bestselling author James Frey who is the creator of the ENDGAME novels. Together with Google’s Niantic Labs and Twentieth Century Fox, ENDGAME will be a real-world mobile adventure game, creating a unified, immersive world that moves seamlessly from books to games to movies, with an accompanying real-world, multimillion-dollar treasure hunt to bring people in even closer. In the ENDGAME book is an interactive puzzle comprised of clues that will lead to the location of a hidden key. The first eligible reader to solve the puzzle for the first book and find the key will win $500,000 dollars’ worth of gold.

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Posted on October 22, 2014 by Editor

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