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I Am Number Four

Pittacus Lore

Spinebreakers interview Pittacus Lore

By Alex, Charlie, Nicole, Cameron, Jasmin, Lauren, Amy and Max  / Spinebreakers Crew

Alex: What inspired you to write I Am Number Four?

Pittacus Lore: To let the people on Earth know what was going on here. To alert them to the war raging in their midst.

Alex: Have you always dreamed of being a published author?

Pittacus Lore: No, I’ve dreamed of vanquishing my enemies and living in peace.

Charlie: What, would you say, is the most significant difference and the most striking similarity between ‘you Loriens’ and ‘us Humans?’

Pittacus Lore: We have powers that you can only dream of. We can do things beyond your imagination. We feel things in the same way you do, love and anger and sadness, and we look the same as you, but we’re much more highly evolved.

Charlie: What’s the best joke you’ve ever heard about a Mogadorian?

Pittacus Lore: A Guy walks into a bar, sits downs and starts to make conversation with a guy at the next table. “Want to hear the world’s worst Mogadorian Joke?” The other guy says “Sure, but before you tell it, let me tell you something. See those two bikers over there by the door, those tow real mean-looking dudes? They’re Mogadorian. And those two bouncers by the bar? They’re Mogadorian too! The Bartender is also Mogadorian! And one more thing pal, I’m Mogadorian too… Now, do you still want to tell that joke of yours?” “Hell no!”, replies the first guy, “I don’t want to have to explain it six times!”

Nicole: I noticed that your book made a social comment about the environment and sustainability. The Mogadorians are wasteful whilst the Lorien are wise and resourceful; Earth falls somewhere in the middle. Did you consciously implement the social comment so your audience could reflect on society as a whole? 

Pittacus Lore: Our goal is to tell the story of our fight with the Mogadorians, and warn the people of Earth that they are in danger. I think earth could be headed towards environmental destruction if ways aren’t changed, but our goal was to bring about that change. Our goal was to get people to read our story, and if they can, help us fight.

Nicole: Should we expect more books to come?Pittacus Lore: If we live, yes, there will be more books.

Cameron: What do you think makes I Am Number Four different from all the other fantasy-adventure-epic-romance-teen books out there?

Pittacus Lore: Our story is real, and our story involves the future of your planet. The rest are pure fiction.

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