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from The Daily Mail

Marijuana deals, the pain of Happy Meals and how to get a free Big Mac: McDonald’s worker reveals secrets of fast-food giant  (and warns against ordering grilled chicken)


A McDonald’s worker has lifted the lid on what it is really like to work at one of the restaurants in the chain in a candid and hilarious Internet conversation.

The unnamed man claims that some staff at his branch deal marijuana from the parking lot and that if somebody comes in high they will ‘practically give you free food’.

Burgers and chicken are left to stew for ‘hours on end’ whilst staff moan about having to make Happy Meals as they are time-consuming.

The worker said that the worst thing he ever saw was his colleague selling marijuana to another employee just outside the restaurant.

But he added: ‘If you came to our Mcdonald’s high, we would practically give you free food.

‘Everyone makes mistakes, so yeah it might of been embarrassing to screw up your change, but there is no way in hell anyone would turn you in.

‘Our Mcdonalds parking lot is a notorious spot for Ents (people who smoke marijuana) to hang out, because if you just sit in your car and blaze, it simply (at night, at least) looks like kids just eating food they just got in the drive thru. The perfect alibi.’

The worker claims that ‘nobody’ at his restaurant messes with the food as it would be ‘the biggest d*** move ever’.

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Posted on July 1, 2012 by Editor

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