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Simon T – Hero

from The Bakersfield Californian

Inside a wealthy LA man’s effort to help pilots fight wildfires from a remote mountain base

By Matt Stiles Los Angeles Times (TNS)

LOS ANGELES — Perched atop the Santa Monica Mountains, there’s a prime chunk of real estate with stunning ocean views that’s owned by a wealthy former radio executive.

You won’t find a palatial mansion or an infinity pool there, however.

Instead, the former executive and county firefighters have transformed this picturesque property into a remote base for helicopters to refill their water tanks — a spot that’s helping prevent small fires from turning catastrophic.

Known as 69 Bravo, it’s the result of an unusual partnership between the executive, whose legal name is Simon T, and the Los Angeles County Fire Department. The county’s helicopters rely on the base as a quick and easy spot to refill water during blazes, such as the Palisades fire last month.

“You look at what this gives us, for all the residents that we serve,” said Jon O’Brien, a deputy chief at the department. “It’s unparalleled. I don’t think you can place a value on having a site like this.”

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Posted on November 5, 2019 by Editor

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