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SHE IS NUMBER SIX – Theresa Palmer On Break @ I AM NUMBER FOUR Location

from Teen Hollywood

INTERVIEW: The “Magical” Theresa Palmer

By Lynn Barker on July 8, 2010 7:00:00 AM UTC

We’re with gorgeous young Aussie actress Theresa Palmer who gets to help save the world… even without magic or superpowers in the new fantasy/sci fi actioner The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.  Kinda overloaded from hearing “Oh, Theresa Palmer, that gorgeous Aussie girl who deflowered Harry Potter”, Theresa is totally moving on from her breakthrough role a few years back as Daniel Radcliffe’s beachside “fling” in the indie December Boys

On a break from shooting the Spielberg-produced Sci Fi film I Am Number Four, Theresa is sitting down with us in Beverly Hills to chat dating nerds, getting advice from Dan Radcliffe, doing stunts, hanging out off the “Sorcerer’s” set with good bud Jay Baruchel and she just revealed which iconic movie star she would love to play some day.

TeenHollywood: Did you enjoy taking on an action role.. or at least climbing a tower and running and saving the day along with the sorcerers? 

Theresa: I love being physically challenged in a role and especially in this movie. I felt like ‘Oh, the boys get to do all this cool stuff. When does Becky get to do the cool fun stuff?’  Then I got told I got to do that scene and had a stunt double for me that day but I was like ‘No! Let me do it. Please let me do it!  I don’t have a magical power but I want to be able to climb up something and save the world’. And she does. The movie I’m working on now I Am Number Four, is such a physically challenging role. I’m doing martial arts.

TeenHollywood: Tell us about your character in that and the story.

Theresa: I play an alien called “Six”. She’s one of nine aliens hiding out on Earth. An enemy alien found out that we’re hiding here so they’re come to kill us. They can only kill in our number order. They’ve killed One, Two and Three and they’re up to number Four (played by “Beastly’s” Alex Pettyfer).. thus the title but I decide to take matters into my own hands. If they’re going to try to kill us, I’m going to hunt them. Let’s get together and beat them!

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