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Sexually-dynamic Mustached Americans

from ABC News

American Mustache Institute Pushes for Congressional Facial-Hair Caucus


Multicolored mustache pattern in bright and vivid colors from Zazzle on Wanelo

Spurred by a whiff of news that Sen. Angus King, I-Maine, wants a caucus for senators with facial hair, the American Mustache Institute is pushing King to make good on his recent comment.

National Journal reported last week that King is mulling the notion of a facial hair caucus. “Maybe that can be the beginning to solving the sequestration,” King was quoted as saying.

Now, the American Mustache Institute, brainchild of St. Louis-based marketing consultant andoccasional Forbes columnist Aaron Perlut, has issued an open letter to King calling on him to make this probably nonserious aside a reality, writing:

Indeed, in spite of our trepidation about creating a segregated environment on Capital Hill — ruggedly handsome Senators and Congressmen living a sexually dynamic Mustached Americans sitting in separate rooms from the clean-shaven mortals who fail to reach your level of intellectual excellence — the American Mustache Institute and Mustached American Community at-large welcome plans for the new caucus to represent the interests of all Americans with facial hair.

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Posted on March 4, 2013 by Editor

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